In 1994, after realizing that a new approach was needed in the group insurance and group annuities Brokerage and Consulting Service industry, Group Censeo Inc. gave itself the mission to provide a "turnkey" solution for financial security advisors and their clients.

The name Censeo, derived from Latin, means to advise, to suggest, to give direction. Our represents the synergy stemming from the implication of three participants (the Insurer, the Advisor and Group Censeo) holding hands and working together for the needs of the client. The general shape of the logo represents a ring symbolizing our alliance and the trust between the three partners and the client.

Our firm represents nearly 1 500 groups totalling over $150 000 000 of yearly premiums in Group Insurance and $180 000 000 in Group Annuities.

The strengths and assets that have so far contributed to our success can be summed up as follows:

  •  Our highly qualified, passionate, conscientious and professional staff
  •  Our ability to adapt to the changing and evolving needs of our clients
  •  Our model of personalized analysis
  •  Our vast experience and extensive expertise
  •  Our unique approach to health promotion and prevention

Over the years, Group Censeo has built strong connections with all insurers in the industry. We are therefore ensuring our clients, objectivity and full representation.

Group Censeo owes its success, amongst others, to its dynamic team; we have 31 employees who together have over 300 years of service! The majority of our analysts have a Postgraduate Diploma in Actuarial Science or in another expertise related to their tasks.

our commitment

Our commitment can be summarised in six points:


Understand the client’s reality and needs
To understand the reality and the specific needs of every client in order to properly advise them.
Comprehensive service proposal
To present a comprehensive service proposal of the highest quality.
Professional and objective advisors
To act as professional and objective advisors in compliance with the mandates entrusted to us by our clients.
Personalized analysis structure
To promote a personalized analysis structure that emphasizes a proactive approach.
Specific skills
To encourage the development of specific skills.
Ensure the confidentiality
To ensure the confidentiality of the information received.


In order to maintain the highest level of quality in the services offered by our firm, we are continuously updating the competence of our team through bimonthly meetings as well as through participation in various seminars and training workshops.

In the same perspective, we provide links of training workshops offered by the insurers to our affiliated advisors in order to meet the requirements of the “Chambre de la Sécurité Financière” (Professional Development Units - PDU) and also to maintain a level of qualification and consulting services that will reach the highest standards in our market.

Healthy Enterprise

a healthy small business

Group Censeo received the "Healthy Company Approach" to highlight its good organizational practices contributing to healthy lifestyles within its organization. This attestation is awarded by Groupe entreprises en santé, a leader of the health and wellness movement in the workplace, which initiated the "Healthy Enterprise" standard of the Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ 9700-800).

Awards & Honors

Laureate - Distinction Award 2021 - The Healthy Enterprises Group

Group Censeo was awarded the special prize in the "Recognized businesses" category for having demonstrated its commitment to health and well-being in the workplace and for its innovative initiatives in the area of work/life balance during the pandemic.

Finalist - Distinction Award 2017 - The Healthy Enterprises Group

Group Censeo is a finalist in the "Business Service Provider" category for its commitment to health, wellness and healthy workplace productivity.

Winner – Laurian-Barré Award - Dunamis 2014

Group Censeo won the Laurian-Barré Award in the "Human Resources Management" category of the Dunamis 2014 contest.


Winner - Laurian-Barre Price - Dunamis 2014

Finalist - Dunamis 2014

Group Censeo was a finalist in the categories "Service Provider" and "Human Resources Management" of the contest Dunamis 2014, which honors the efforts of companies in Laval.

Group Censeo stood out because of the outstanding quality of the services offered, the remarkable performance of its overall management as well as the exceptional quality of its human resources management.

Great West Selectpac - 2013 Award

Group Censeo earned the 2013 Award from Great West Selectpac.

Empire Life – 2013 Best Group Insurance Provider

Group Censeo won the award for Best Group Insurance Provider on a national scale.

Great West – 2013 Collective Firm

Group Censeo was nominated "Top Performer" in 2013 in the province of Quebec.

Empire Life – 2012 Best Advisor

Group Censeo won the award for Best Group Insurance Advisor – East of Canada.

Finalist - Dunamis 2010

Group Censeo was a finalist in the category "Service Provider" of the contest Dunamis 2010, which honors the efforts of companies in Laval.

Group Censeo stood out because of the exceptional quality of the services offered and the remarkable performance of its overall management.

CADA 360 - 2009 President Club

Group Censeo was admitted to the 2009 President Club of CADA 360, for being the best social benefits advisor in Canada for this product.

Great West Selectpac - 2009 Award

Group Censeo earned the 2009 Award from Great West Selectpac.

Great West La Collective - 2008 Award

Group Censeo earned the 2008 Award – First position of Great West La Collective.


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